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Paul Harris Hates The Cavaliers

What a reversal!  Eschewing common sense and using a penchant for the dramatic, Paul Harris is going to say "thanks but no thanks" to the Eastern Conference elite Cleveland Cavaliers and join Jonny Flynn in Minnesota to play for the trainwreck that is the Timberwolves during the Summer League.

Now THAT'S the Paul Harris I know and love.

After spending the weekend showing off his skills at this weekend’s Cleveland Cavaleers’ mini-camp, Paul Harris told Action News Sports on the phone today that he thinks he’ll take the offer from the Minnesota Timberwolves to play for their Summer League team.

I missed that part where the Cavaliers changed the spelling of their name.  That might have had something to do with it. 

Clearly Paul saw something he didn't like during Cav's mini-camp this week.  But to go to Minny is still a strange one to me.  Back under Jonny's wing he goes. To find out what it's going to feel like, Paul should join Jonny tonight at the key-handing ceremony.  Jonny will get the keys to Niagara Falls and Paul will get...a novelty I FELL FOR NIAGARA FALLS keychain.

Oh, and whatever you do, don't tell Ryan Miller about this.

Cleveland is a veteran team and one of the best in the league. Minnesota doesn't even have a head coach, not the fit a sometimes immature player like Harris needs.

Also the Cavs carried an extra roster spot for most of last year, and one of the closest male figures in Harris' life is SU assistant Mike Hopkins, who has strong ties to the Cavaliers organization.