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The 2009-2010 Syracuse Basketball Schedule Begins To Take Shape

Jonny Flynn and Paul Harris?  Old news...who needs'm?  We've got Brandon Triche, Wes Johnson and Rick Jackson to worry about now.  And we learned a little bit more today about when they'll play certain non-conference foes this upcoming season.

Mike Waters passed along this note from Memphis-Commercial Appeal's Dan Wolken where he says the Syracuse-Memphis return engagement will take place January 6th in the Dome.  That's a Wednesday so I guess we're looking at some prime-time coverage on ESPN for that one.  The Tigers will be looking to avenge their 72-65 loss to the Orange last season and they'll be bringing the Barton Brothers with them (in theory since they don't graduated high school yet...).

So if you need a rough shell of what we know regarding the next season so far, you've got...

November 9th - 13th (exact date TBD) -   The Orange will play in the Dome against Albany in the opening round of the Coaches vs. Cancer Classic.  Regardless of the outcome of that game, they will move on to the semis (fair!).

November 19th - The Orange will face-off against one of Ohio State, Cal or defending national champion North Carolina.

November 20th - Depending on the outcome of the two semis, the Orange will play either Ohio State, Cal or North Carolina.

December 10th - The Orange will meet Florida Gators in Tampa as part of the Big East/SEC Invitational.

January 6th - The Orange will host Memphis.