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Jonny Flynn To Recieve Key To Niagara Falls, Ricky Rubio Not Attending

While Ricky Rubio and Dave Kahn continue to do the PR-spin dance of the jilted draftee, Jonny Flynn continues to rack up positive press and accolades.  Today, he'll be adding a brand new key to his the first Niagara Fallsian (is that correct?) to be drafted, he's receiving the key to Niagara Falls.

Four days after being drafted in the first round, the Minnesota Timberwolves player will be honored in his hometown.  He will receive the key to the City of Niagara Falls on Monday evening.

The announcement came Sunday from Mayor Paul Dyster.  The ceremony will be held at City Hall and will begin at 7pm.

Unfortunately, it's for the U.S.-side of the Falls.  The key won't give him special access to any of the strip clubs, bars or casinos on the Canadian side.  Sadly, Jonny also won't be able to use the key to turn off that god damn horrifying, macabre auto-message at the haunted house either.

But what of Jonny's new "teammate" Ricky Rubio?  He's still not on-board with the Timberwolves and he may never be. Over at HoopsWorld, they're quick to point out that the situation isn't exactly what we've all heard it might be.  In fact, Rubio might not even be the bad guy here, just stuck in a bad situation.  The big issue is likely the concerns of his buyout and taxes therein, according to

The No. 3 pick in the draft will earn $12,913,440 over three years, according to the league's agreement with the players union. The No. 5 pick will earn $10,542,960.

The buyout is $6.6 million, although there are reports that it increases to close to $8 million after June 30. It's believed that Rubio will be able to pay that in increments over several years.

Apparently Rubio was pretty certain he'd be picked #3 overall and when he wasn't, that changed the equation.  Let alone the fact that he was going to a team that drafted another point guard right after him. 

Rubio may or may not have been in Minnesota over the weekend to discuss things with the team, but chances are that at this point it's all about finding a solution that doesn't end with Rubio suiting up for the T'wolves.  If offers do some in chances are it won't be the rumored-Knicks making the deal, at least not without a third team that can give Minnesota something they want.  Perhaps the Rockets?  They've already offered Shane Battier and Aaron Brooks for Rubio, but Kahn hasn't bitten yet.

One team we do know Ricky is suiting up for is the Spanish National squad, when they play the 2009 Euro Championships in September.  He and Pau Gasol will represent the nation and try to return to the championship game, which they lost to Russia last time.

And so we wait.  In the meantime, check out Jonny as he prepares for the NBA Draft, hears his name called and what he thinks of the situation.  And then watch Jonny highlights, which never get old: