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Cavs Finally Make Championship-Calibur Move, Sign Paul Harris (Updated)

Earlier this week, the Cleveland Cavaliers signed some journeyman center on his fifth team called O'Neil or something.  Hardly the kind of move that will turn the disappointment of losing in the Eastern Conference Finals into an NBA Championship.  Looks like the Fightin' LeBrons are finally ready to make a serious run at the title by adding the final piece of the puzzle...Paul Harris.

Former Syracuse University basketball player Paul Harris accepted an invitation to join the Cleveland Cavaliers' rookie free-agent camp, his former AAU coach said Saturday.

Jeff Bishop said Harris will play for Cleveland's Las Vegas summer league team. Harris immediately headed to Cleveland to join the team. The summer league begins July 10.

Harris chose the Cavs over the Bulls and the T'wolves and the chance to play alongside Jonny Flynn.  Probably a smart move as Paul now has a chance to re-make his reputation away from Jonny Flynn's shadow.

LeBrone James.  Shaquille O'Neal.  Paul Harris.  The new triumverite.

(Update: Just kidding apparently, Paul is with the Timberwolves)