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Sleep Like A Belgish King. On A Queen.


Couple thoughts:

  • Um, yes.  I'm interested.  Don't wash it beforehand, I want to make sure it still smells Kristof!y.
  • Is this the end?  Cause where KO is going, they don't need queen size beds.  Or at least, they have their own queen size beds.
  • KO slept on a queen size?  How does he pull that off?  I'm 5'9", have a California King and still reach my feet to the end of the bed.  Surely the Greatest Belgian Of All Time could find a more comfortable way to snooze.  I blame Hopkins.

Update:  Yep, KO is on his way back to Europe.  Everything must go!  Going back to Europe in a week. My queen size bed, microwave, and a bunch of kitchen supplies all for sale! 200, 20, and 50. Or just buy everything for 250.

H/T: BillOrange