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Jonny Flynn & Paul Harris: The Reunitening?

It occured to me yesterday...The Timberwolves drafted Jonny Flynn...Paul Harris did not get drafted...the Timberwolves liked Paul Harris when they saw him in workouts...could the high school and college teammates be reunited yet again on the pro level?  Possibly, say Mike Waters.

Jeff Bishop, Harris' AAU coach, said Harris and his agent, Leon Rose of Creative Artists Agency, are mulling over offers from three NBA teams to play summer-league ball. According to Bishop, the Chicago Bulls, Minnesota Timberwolves and Cleveland Cavaliers have expressed in interest in having Harris play for them this summer.

That's just the list as of this moment, more could be added.  The T'wolves have a loaded roster but might be willing to nudge out one of their older guards for some frontcourt help like Harris.  The question is...does Harris want to go to Minnesota where he will yet again be in Jonny's shadow or does he want to make his own fresh start elsewhere?  You wouldn't think Paul Harris 2.0 wants to be surrounded by Flynn's hype all summer, which would invariably happen.  Then again, maybe he needs a familiar face nearby.

Here's what Twolves website editor Jonah Ballow had to say about Harris when he worked out a couple weeks ago:

Paul Harris was the most physically impressive player out of the morning session crew. If Harris can make the adjustment to shooting guard, he could be a lockdown defender off the bench for Minnesota.