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bE Magazine bE An Award Winner

Remember bE Magazine???  The one-time release which we thought would be a qaurterly read appears and disappeared before we had a chance to take in it's DOCTOR Gross-fronted covers, DOCTOR Gross-styled editorials and DOCTOR Gross-themed articles.

The Spring 2008 issue never arrived and we just assumed this venture was taken from us before it's time.  We were left with only one issue, featuring Doc Gross (obviously) holding Syracuse University's future in his hands (also obviously).


Now comes word that even though the magazine only made it one issue, it's an award-winner!!!  The magazine won Graphic Design USA's 2009 American In-House Design competition!  Which is really good, apparently.  Designer Elizabeth Percival won from among 4,000 entries from across the United States.  Of course, Percival didn't do it alone.  Nope.  A job like this requires a certain...doctoral flair.

Athletics Director Dr. Daryl Gross developed the concept for the 'bE' publication that was designed by Syracuse University designer Elizabeth Percival and included content produced by the athletic communications staff and head coaches and photographs by Steve Parker and Mike Okoniewski.

Wait so you mean the decision to put DOCTOR Daryl Gross on the cover of a magazine that represents Syracuse University Athletics in a way that depicts Gross holding up the design for the Melo Center in his hands and presenting it to you, the SU Athletics supporter, in a metaphorical way that represents the idea that DOCTOR Gross and DOCTOR Gross alone is the architect and sole provider of all improvements and change to SU Athletics and holds that future in his hands and of which we should all be thankful that he is sharing it with us...that was DOCTOR Gross' idea?

I am shocked.

Good job, everyone.  Huzzah and kudos.  Let's get cracking on Volume 2 though, huh?  How bout it?  Oh and in case you're wondering, the chances that Volume 2 of bE Magazine will feature DOCTOR Gross on it's cover?  Eleventy-billion percent.