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Jonny Flynn Is Dave Kahn's Backup Plan

Minnesota GM Dave Kahn just released a statement about his draft selections.  Through it, Kahn subconsciously (or perhaps not even) knocks Jonny down a peg in order to prop up Ricky Rubio

[Ricky Rubio] will be our starting point guard here the moment he walks through our front door.  We may have to wait a year, or even two, but he is worth the wait.  We must be patient.  This is a big step for he and his family.

Sounds like Kahn is putting all of his efforts into getting Rubio to commit to Minny, even if that means it's at Jonny's expense.  Obviously, he praises Jonny. "He, too, will be special."  But Flynn has very clearly been marked as the second fiddle in this situation.  It's up to Jonny know to decide how to respond to that.  My guess is it will motivate the s**t out of him to prove he's the better point guard.  Especially if Rubio won't be around to prove otherwise. 

Jonny got the best of both worlds in terms of his competitive spirit.  He got the high draft pick and the money that comes with, but he also gets a giant chip on his shoulder in the form of being considered the lesser of the two.  As Syracuse fans know, Jonny is the kind of player who knows how to respond to adversity. 

Since he's a Timberwolf now, thought it might be interested to look at video from Jonny's visits to Minnesota in the last few weeks.  Two separate vids below of Jonny's workout and reaction.