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Jonny Flynn Is Huge In The Mid Coast Region

It's understandable that one might get a little discombobulated on the night when they suddenly become a millionaire. And being interviewed immediately after that reality sinks in can be daunting as your brain is moving a mile a minute.  That said, I still don't know what the hell Jonny Flynn meant when he referred to region of America known as...The Mid Coast.

After his selection at No. 7 by Minnesota, Flynn responded to a question about his performance in Syracuse's six-overtime win over Connecticut earlier this year, and how it thrust him into the national spotlight: "... People on the West Coast [and] Mid Coast got to see me play." Exactly. In related news, we'll have to get back to you on the rumors that Flynn has also found El Dorado and the lost city of Atlantis.

Bless him.  And you think Ricky Rubio is in for culture shock?  Wait until Jonny gets to Minneapolis and can't find the beach.

(If anyone has the video on that, please do pass along.)