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Paul Harris & Eric Devendorf Are Free And Clear

Paul Harris made some waves in recent weeks thanks to some workouts that showcased his strength and defense.  He ultimately was not selected in the NBA Draft but to be honest, it's a negilgible details.

The truth is, had Harris been selected where he was projected (late 2nd round), he would be almost no different than any free agent that was invited to try out for a team anyway.  Now, instead of being tied to a specific team he's free to explore his options as many free agent offers are sure to come his way.  In a weird way, Paul was probably better off not being drafted in the first place.

No one expected Eric Devendorf to hear his name called last night and there was no big surprise.  It's hard to believe Eric wasn't already realistic about his chances.  And if Jim Boeheim is to be believe, Devo already has a European deal in place anyway.  Who knows, maybe Ricky Rubio will have a Syracuse-teammate whether or not he stays in Minnesota or returns to Spain.

Besides Jonny, there was one other Syracuse-related player taken in the draft.  Jonas Jerebko, son of former SU player Chris Jerebko, was selected with the 39th pick by the Detroit Pistons.  Jonas has been playing professionally in Sweden before now.