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Daily Links - Boeheim Talks Jonny, Bud Talks Jonny & Jonny Talks Jonny

Wait for NBA draft is finally over for Jonny Flynn - Orange Basketball Blog
Jonny Flynn will likely become the highest-drafted SU players since Carmelo tonight and only the fifth to ever be on hand when his name is called.

Sometime this evening, it'll become official: Jonny will belong to others - Bud Poliquin -
"You," Boeheim said, "are going to love him." The Orange coach was speaking, of course, of Jonny Flynn, the SU rookie out of Niagara Falls with the toothy smile, the gift of pleasant gab . . . and the stunning hops. And as he so often is -- not always, but often enough -- Boeheim was right.

DraftExpress: NBA Draft Media Day Interview Transcripts (Part Two)
"I’m definitely happy; I got great feedback from a lot of teams around the time that I made my decision. So I think I made the right decision and hopefully we’ll find out tomorrow."

Niagara Gazette - BASKETBALL: With assist from Flynn, Harris looking to NBA Draft
Of all the times Jonny Flynn set up Paul Harris on the court over the years, Harris holds the most gratitude for the latest assist off the floor.

In point guard-heavy class, Flynn's stock rises before Thursday's draft - Sports
The teams looking for a point guard in this year's NBA Draft appear to be in luck. There are plenty to choose from. In fact, up to nine point guards will potentially be selected in the first round Thursday night, including five in the top 10. Among them is Jonny Flynn...

Our own Mock Draft: The Worst Off-Season Moves - Searching for Billy Edelin
Syracuse's Eric Devendorf and Paul Harris had a "brain-storming" session in early April, and the resulting decision was tragically never second guessed.

Picking the Big East -
Welcome to the Big East where all you need is flexible wrist. Don't worry about a bulls eye. Anywhere, you throw it, you could be a winner. Since 2003 eight different schools have claimed at least a share of the Big East title. A lot of that has to do with realignment after ACC expansion. But the conference remains perhaps the most competitive BCS conference.

Kissing Suzy Kolber " Blog Archive " Brandon Jacobs Has Excellent Taste in T-Shirts, Women |
"I think she’s what they call a groupie hoe."

Local news story on Flynn & Harris as they prepare for the draft: