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Finally, A Reason To Be Semi-Interested In The ESPYs. Kinda.

I'd make a "They still make the ESPYs?" joke if it weren't for the fact that ESPN rams it's arbitrary exists-only-to-sell-ads event so far down our throats every year, even people who live in the Ukraine who don't own a television are like "Jesus Christ, fine, I'll tune in to the ESPYs, leave me alone."  Only they say it in Ukrainian.  Cause they're in Ukraine (which isn't IN Russia).

Syracuse has two nominees (kinda) in this year's ESPY Awards.  First up, the epic© six-OT win over UConn will be in the running for Best Game. Duh.

The SU basketball team's six-overtime 127-117 win against Connecticut is up for the Best Game award. At almost three and a half hours, it was the longest game in Big East Tournament history and the second-longest in Division I history. SU is competing against the Steelers vs. the Cardinals in Super Bowl XLIII, and Federer vs. Nadal in the Wimbledon Final.

A Super Bowl that includes the Arizona Cardinals and tennis?  We got this one.

The other nominee isn't technically SU but is extremely SU-related. It's The Express, which already picked up the coveted Kige Ramsey Summer Movie Pick award earlier this week will now attempt to bring home the ESPY for Best Sports Movie.

'The Express,' the film based on the life of SU football legend Ernie Davis, is nominated for Best Sports Movie. 'The Express' is up against 'Sugar' and 'The Wrestler.'

Oof.  I dunno if a movie that barely grossed double-digits is gonna be able to hold it's own against Darren Aronofsky's new classic.  Unless of course they can somehow get Ernie Davis himself to appear at the ESPYs.  That can't happen, right?  Not least.

The good news is, you can influence who wins.  So head over to the site and do some voting.  After you do, make sure you then head over here and watch the only truly memorable moment in ESPY history...Norm MacDonald's cringe-inducing opening monologue the year he hosted.  Genius.