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DOCTOR Gross Meets With VP Biden, Lacrosse Team Invited Too


Whuddya know.  DOCTOR Gross was able to clear room in his schedule to join the National Champion Men's Lacrosse Team in their trip to the White House to meet SU grad, Vice-President Joe Biden.

For those wondering if the President would stop by as well, he did indeed make an appearance.

Along the way, Biden took the team to the White House Rose Garden, where President Obama interrupted a meeting in the Oval Office to step outside and say hello.

"To see him for even a couple of minutes was quite an honor, and something we'll remember for the rest of our lives," said Matt Abbott, a Syracuse native who was a star senior midfielder on the 2009 team.

The team and coaches presented Biden with some gifts as well. An SU lacrosse warmup jacket; a commemorative SU championship tie with Otto holding a lacrosse stick and an orange lacrosse helmet with the name Biden printed on the back.

SU team manager Justin Simon blogged about the experience over at the website.  Simon talks about how great the experience was but also notes...

We got a chance to walk around last night and the whole Georgetown area is crazy.

You don't have to tell us.


(AP Photo/Ron Edmonds, H/T: Dale)