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Jim Boeheim Hearts Hasheem Thabeet

Say it ain't so, Jimmy. 

Jimmy stopped by the Dan Patrick Show this morning to chat with his good buddy.  Things got off to a rough start when Jim scolded Dan for not attending the recent charity gala the Boeheim's put together.

"I have to think of things that will cause you pain."

If there's anything Jim Boeheim does well, it's inflict pain verbally upon others.

Dan first asked about Hasheem Thabeet and whether or not Jim thought he was the 2nd best player in the draft.  Jim took it a step further.

I might take him first if I had the first pick.

Considering Jim saw what Blake Griffin could do up close and personal, that's high praise.  Dammit.  Though Jim did qualify it by saying "He's never gonna score, but he can be a tremendous player defensively."

Boeheim goes on to follow-up on his comments the other day about Ricky Rubio ("I wasn't impressed with him."), whether or not Jonny is the best point guard available ("I think he is."), if Jonny is the greatest competitor he's ever coached, Greg Paulus' chances on the football field and golf (of course).

Listen to the whole thing here.

Oh and Dan...we haven't been the Orangemen for five years now.  Just sayin'.