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Devo Gets His Last Chance Workout

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If I were on The Biggest Loser, I think I'd go with Jillian Michaels over Bob as my trainer.  Sure there's a soft interior buried deep in there but most of the time she's downright insane and terrifying.  I think it would be more motivating to feel like you're in the hands of someone who may or may not have loosened the bolts on your stationary bike before you got on it.  The thrill of it all, I guess. 

I imagine Jillian would be Eric Devendorf's trainer as well if he had one last chance workout and had to shed those pounds.  Jillian wasn't available but Devo did have a chance to give it one last go before his Hail Mary prospect of being drafted commences tomorrow.

It's no secret that Devo leaving school has been seen as one of the worst decisions any human in the world had made since April.  But, the guy needed a change and regardless of whether or not he gets drafted, he'll be getting paid to play basketball somewhere.  Of course, if the miracles of miracles happens, he'll be the first Bay City, Michigan player ever to receive such an honor.  He was already the first area player to play D-I basketball in 30 years, so, that's something. 

But chances are if anyone from the are gets drafted, it'll be ETSU's Kevin Tiggs. Hasn't East Tennessee State done enough to try and hurt Devo already??? 

Jared Field remembers Devo from his time back in Bay City and is reminded of very specific reasons he doesn't think Devo will be getting drafted any time soon:

Eric Devendorf has a better chance of landing on an AND1 Mixtape than the NBA. He has serious character issues, lacks NBA athleticism at the shooting guard position and plays no defense. Back when he played for Bay City Central, I remember hearing him referred to as "Eric Evenorf" -- no 'D'.

Still, Devo's not going down without a fight.  He worked out for the Pistons this past weekend  Detroit has four picks in the draft, three in the 2nd round.  I suppose if any team was going to be crazy enough to take a chance on Devo, it'd be them.  I did especially appreciate this line:

...there are questions about his decision-making...

You're telling me...