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Get To Know An Orange Man - #89 TE Thomas Trendowski

get to know
get to know

Player: Thomas Nathan Trendowski

Number: #89

Position:Tight End

Year: Sophomore

Height: 6'2"


Hometown: Syracuse, NY

High School:Westhill High School

Major: Physical Education

2008 Results: DNP 

2009 Projections: Well the former walk-on can expect to see some action this season.  He's currently 2nd on the depth chart for one of the TE slots. 

How'd He Get Here:Tom was a walk-on from a local Syracuse high school. He was named Class B West 1st Team by his senior year

What did Scout/Rivals Say?: Nothing.  He didn't show up on either of their rankings.  And now he's one graduating player away from being the starting TE for SU.  Pretty impressive.

Money Quote:N/A

Links Of Wonder: Mike Owens and Nick Provo might be bigger than him but Trendowski still put up more weight than both of them in off-season weight training.

What Does Marrone Think?: N/A

Interesting Nugget O'Interest:Sure he's a big guy but that didn't stop Thomas from being an outdoor runner for high school team as well.

Let Me Get a Good Look At You:Here's Thomas getting in a run with the rest of the team during practice.