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Jim Boeheim Is Unbiased

Sure, Jimmy B has made some interesting remarks about Jonny Flynn in recent weeks when it comes to how the future of Syracuse basketball is shaping up.  But don't be fooled.  Jim has Jonny's back.  And if that means Jim has to go on record disparaging another player in at Jonny's position in order to try and help Flynn get a higher draft be it.

Jim spoke to The Sporting News about Rubio, whom he saw in the Olympics last year.  Boeheim came away less than impressed:

"I think he’s got a little too much American in him. He’s a cocky little kid. He complained on all the calls. He’s good with the ball. He’s not a great shooter. I think he will have trouble guarding people. He didn’t play very well against us, especially in the championship game. I’m not sold on him. I think he needs to shoot it better, and his defense will be questionable. He’s one of those guys the scouts don’t see a lot, so they haven’t had time to pick him apart. He’s flashy. They pick all our players apart, and I don’t know if they always do that with some of the guys over there. My impression was less favorable than most people who’ve seen him, I guess."

Yeah, I guess.  No word yet on just how much Jim thinks Stephen Curry is a jerk or if he believes Tyreke Evans is a dandy fop.  but I'm sure he does.