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New York State Of Mind posted it's Top Ten 2010 New York Prospects list and Syracuse already has a nice presence, with possibly more to come. 

The Orange currently have the #6 and #7 recruits committed, QB John Kinder and OL Macky MacPherson.  I guess MacPherson, grandson of former SU Coach Dick MacPherson, wasn't a pity recruitment after all. As for Kinder, he was already well-regarded as one of the top QBs on Long Island.  Looks like he's now considered the best quarterback in all of the state as he's the only one of the list.

But what of the rest of the list?

#1 - DE Dominique Easley, Staten Island - Easley is getting interest all over the country and doesn't seem to include SU on his list.  He looking for programs with a bit more recent success such as BC, Florida, Georgia and Penn State.

#2 - DT DaQuan Jones, Johnson City - Syracuse is on Jones' list though competition is stiff.  He came away impressed by Penn State and plans to attend camp at BC and NC State.  Jones is quoted as saying "I can locate the ball as soon as it’s snapped."  As Christian Bale would say, "Oh gooooood for yoooooooou."

#3 - DE Jerome Lewis, Rochester - He's given his verbal to Virginia Tech but there's still an offer on the table from the Orange. 

#4 - S Jordan Thomas, Endicott - Thomas is from the same school that gave us the Jones Brothers and the Orange have offered.  Unfortunately, so have UConn, NC, Oregon State, Pitt and Rutgers.

#5 - TE Sean Fitzpatrick, Pittsford - Verbally-committed to Maryland.  SU did offer a scholarship.

#8 - DT Rob Welsh, Melville - Welsh has an offer on the table from the Orange.  Also offering so far is Hofstra, though Welsh seems to be waiting to see who else from the Northeast offers.

#9 - RB David Fluellen, Lockport - Fluellen seems to be a little under our interest-level.  He's got an offer on the table from Buffalo and there's been a little interest from SU but not enough to throw him a bone yet.

#10 - QB Will Fiacchi, Marcellus - Fiacchi is still looking for his first offer and he's looking in the direction of Syracuse and BC.

It's not saying a great deal about the talent level in NY this year that the top 6 guys are three-star or better and everyone else is a one-star player.  But always remember those stars don't mean crap (unless you're Miami).