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Seven Days Without A Uniform Tweak Makes One Weak

Donnie Webb received a tip from reader Brandon this week about some screenshos from the upcoming NCAA Football 10 release.  Seems that along with the expected blue-jersey-orange-pants and white-jersey-orange-pants uniforms we've been accustom to for the last year, there's a third color scheme in the game.  Orange-jersey-white-pants.


Of course that doesn't necessarily mean that the Orange are going to make this part of their repertoire this season.  But it would have been very easy for the gamemakers to just use the existing blue jersey and combine with white pants or something therein.  We already know that the white pants are within the realm of possibility but the orange jersey has been heretofore unseen.  They went out of their way to create an orange version of the jersey.  That's telling.

Honestly, it wouldn't surprise me one bit.  In theory, it makes sense for the Syracuse Orange to have an orange jersey.  But I think we can all speak from experience and say that every time we try to do it, it doesn't end well.  I guess we'll find out soon enough.

Also worth noting, Syracuse's grading in the game.  Offense C+-, Defense D+, Overall D+.  Awesome.