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Who Will Represent New York When ESPN Comes A-Callin'?

ESPN's College Football Live 50 State Tour has begun, having stopped in Michigan yesterday and making it's way to Tennessee today.  It'll be swooping in on New York July 3rd (after Colorado and before Lousiana...who scheduled this trip???).  The big questions remain.

1. Will they be coming to Syracuse?

2. Who will they be featuring?

I suppose there's a decent chance they could go to Army and play the armed forces angle.  I feel like they'd go with Navy though if they wanted to play that angle.  Better program and better living alumni.

I mean, I guess there's Buffalo to consider too.  Okay, done considering it?  Good, let's move on.

Michigan featured Heisman Trophy winners Desmond Howard and Charles Woodson (for a very boring segment, truth be told).  Tennessee is showcasing Peyton Manning, though it probably would have been classier to showcase Tee Martin, who actually won a national title for the school. So assuming they come to Syracuse, who will be the featured guest? I have some ideas...



Jim Brown - Too obvious?  He's the football program's ambassador and a guaranteed good interview.  Like an angrier Charles Barkley.

Don McPherson - Always a great school ambassador and recently a nominee for the College Football Hall of Fame

Donovan McNabb - How bout a twofer, like Michigan?  Don & Donnie.  (Don't tell Marvin Graves...)

Coach Mac - Perfect timing.  Just inducted into College HOF.  A great connection to the "glory days" of the 80's and segue into discussion about Marrone.

Doug Marrone - Why not the former SU player who has returned to coach his alma mater and return it to glory?

Greg Paulus - Too much?  He's from Syracuse, returning to Syracuse as it's "savior" and he's got ESPN eating out of his hand already. 

Mike Tirico - If they're really lazy and interested in cross-promotion, they can just plug their boy returning to his alma mater.

Dennis Quaid - Hey, The Express DVDs aren't selling themselves.  Universal Home Entertainment needs every opportunity they can get.

Ray Rice - If they're a-holes.

Rob Spence - What evil lurks in the hearts of men?  Rob Spence's eyes know!  And they will strike fear into the infidels watching from home.

Marvin Harrison - He's available.  Just don't look him in the eyes.  If you do make eye contact...RUN!!!

Gerry McNamara - He'd probably draw a bigger crowd in Syracuse than any of them.  Play to your strengths.

Tim Tebow - Just 'cause.

H/T: Black Heart Gold Pants for the idea.