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Cody Jamieson To Return! Wait, When Wasn't He???

Clearly I'm out of the loop here.  Dave Rahme posted today to squash the apparently-rampant rumors about Cody Jamieson not playing lacrosse for the Orange next season.  After everything it took to get Cody into a Syracuse uniform, it didn't seem unreasonable to think that there might still be lingering issues, academic or otherwise, that would need to be sorted out.  If such issues existed, rest easy, as they've been sorted.  For now.

Mike Morrison, the media contact for men's lacrosse at SU, confirmed today via email that Cody has enrolled for summer classes at SU, a sure sign that he intends to return and ball again for the Orange.

That's all well and good.  But does that close the door on the issues?  Unfortunately, no.  If it's an academic thing, Cody's still going to have to pass those summer classes if he's going to suit up again next season.  I'm sure he and his coaches are putting forth all effort possible to ensure that will happen.  Just no Mike Williams-type incidents, m'kay?

Thus concludes the Syracuse lacrosse news portion of June.  Probably.