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Repay Your Father's Love By Letting People Walk All Over Him For The Rest Of Eternity

When he wasn't out drinking, your Dad has taught you a lot.  He taught you how important it is to always keep your head up.  He taught you never to desecrate the Earth, as it's sacred.  He taught you never to let people walk all over you.

Now it's time to repay him for all that he's done.  And isn't the best way to thank him for all of that advice by ignoring all of it?

Yes, you can cement your father's legacy (ohhhhh.....I get it now) by purchase a brick paver with his name on it to be installed in the walkway outside the new Carmelo K. Anthony Basketball Facility. You might have received an e-mail about this from SU or seen the pop-up over on the site.  You'll recognize it as the ad in which Carmelo Anthony looks like a psychopath about to viciously murder you.


We've gone over this before and while the dream of having a TNIAAM brick installed remains, right now it's more important to make sure your old man gets immortalized first.

Unfortunately, you're gonna have to go with the 20 by 20 inch paver for this.  I know, it's $5,000.  That's a lot of scratch.  That's a trip for the whole family to Australia.  Or a night at Turning Stone.  I get it.  But hey, do you want to be the guy who only spent $125 on a 4x8 sliver to honor the man who helped create you?  Is that what a lifetime of bad baseball advice is worth to you?  Sure the 8x8 is okay for $300...but it's still just single digit inches.  Your father is more than that.

Of course, the 20x20 offers you up to 15 lines of text.  You're gonna want to make them count.  It's not going to be easy...this ain't no Hallmark card where the sentiment's pre-packaged for you.  You're going to have to bare your soul for Syracuse fans, staff and players to see for the rest of time (or until the Neuromancers incinerate Syracuse, NY).

My suggestion, just speak from the heart.  Start writing and then just let it flow.  For example:

Dad, Happy Father's Day And Thank You

For Everything.  You Are The Best.  You Are

A Part Of Syracuse Now.  You Did It. Well, I

Did It. But It Was For You. I Know We Don't

Always See Eye To Eye.  I Don't Agree With

Your Stance On Asians But I Respect It. 

Now, I Still Don't Know What You Did In That

Shed Every Night And Frankly I Don't Want To Know. 

A Man Needs Hobbies. And Secrets.  And Boy Did

You Have A Lot Of Them.  Disturbing Secrets.  I

Know About What Happened To That Lady Who

Disappeared In 1989.  I Know What You Did. But

I Forgive You. God Might Not.  But I Do. Go Cuse!

There...doesn't that feel better?