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Daily Links - Sean Williams Transfer, Paul Harris In First Round & Jonny Flynn's Motor

Center Sean Williams considers transfer - Orange Basketball Blog on
Mike Waters reports that Sean Williams has received his release from Syracuse but isn't 100% sure about Cal State Fullerton yet.

Chad Ford: Who's in, who's out of the 2009 NBA draft? - ESPN
Chad Ford thinks Paul Harris has enough raw talent to go late in the first round. (But is more likely to go in the second round.)

Wizards Get a Closer Look at Point Guards Curry, Flynn and Jennings -
Jonny Flynn showed off "his endless motor and improved jump shot" for the Wizards yesterday.

Questions would be answered with a conference challenge - ESPN
What if the NCAA expanded its conference challenges in basketball to the football field? Who comes out on top? Syracuse takes on Miami ends the way it usually did. (H/T: Ryan)

BLOG.NORTHSTARBBALL.COM: 2009 Rumble in the Bronx School Lists
2012 recruit DaJuan Coleman says Syracuse "kind of" have an advantage (over Ohio State), as he "grew up watching them."

Real Sports will feature an exclusive joint interview with sports icons Jim Brown and Bill Russell. Artie Lange not invited. (H/T: Ryan)

Welcome to Syracuse University News.
Check out the view from the new Ernie Davis Hall at SU

If it's the 'team of the decade' you want, at least consider them all - Dr.... - NCAA Football -
If you cut away the circumstantial snubs, short-lived "quality points" and bald-faced politics that muscled certain teams out of the spotlight and actually put their resumés side-by-side, fully half of my top-10 list for the last nine years would include teams that didn't win the BCS championship:

RealClearSports - Top 10 Moments in Sports Blog History - Top 10 Moments in Sports Blog History
The Top 10 Moments in Sports Blog History is really only the beginning; there are surely more still to come.

Please, please, please stick around long enough to see the three meatheads start talking.  My fear is that we've recruited at least one of these guys.

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