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Why Couldn't We Have Just Started The Next Basketball Season In April?

Is it gauche to get some "Way-Too-Early Preseason-Ranking 2009-2010 Big East Champion" T-shirts printed up for SU?  Cause in fairness, based on the way people were ranking us back in April, we probably would have been considered the favorite to win the conference. 

Then Jonny, Paul and Devo left and we collectively cringed.  Well, mostly cause of the Jonny part.  And SU went from being a national title contender to a plain old Top 25 team.  That's fine, I guess.  I mean it's our fault for buying into the hype so soon and it's everyone who did these stupid way-too-early prediction's faults for making us buy in.  It's a viscous circle.

But we at least figured we'd do fine the Big East.  I mean, sure we lost a lot.  But look at what everyone else lost!  So many other Big East teams lost their star underclassmen too.  Villanova lost Scottie Reynolds.  Notre Dame lost Luke Harangody.  With the return of Rautins, AO, Jackson coupled with the arrivals of Wes Johnson and Brandon Triche, the Orange were still in prime position to grab the Big East title.

Then Scottie Reynolds said he was coming back.  Crap. More than anyone, I was so excited to see Scottie F***ing Reynolds go.  Now the Wildcats have moved back to the top of the conference heap as they try to return to the Final Four.

Now Luke Harangody said he was coming back.  Crap crap crap. The Big East Player of the Year returns and needs only 370 points to break Lawrence Moten's conference scoring record.  Plus the Irish now go from being pretty decent to a conference title contender. 

Anyone else want to come back?  Thabeet?  Why not.  Might as well.  We don't want SU feeling too much like they've got a chance to be the big dogs in the Big East.  Nooooo...who would want that?

Hate hate hate.