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Real Men Drive Honda Odyssey Minivans

The Three Idiots can always be trusted to keep a close eye on the Sporting News Today for us and they discovered a little gem of an interview feature with Tremendous Doug Marrone. More of a quick-hit Q&A than an interview, we delve deeper into the psyche of the man who's spirit will one day find its way to the halls of our fathers and sip gloriously from the cup of victory.

We learn exciting new facts that we didn't know before:

Alma Mater: Syracuse

Oh.  Well...certainly we'll get to know what kind of pop culture the man hones in on:

Favorite TV Show: I don't watch TV

What are you, Mennonite? At least check out Dexter, Doug.  Trust me...

Doug does come clean that he's a fan of Jack Higgin's Sean Dillon novels, of which I am unfamiliar.  Turns out Dillon "takes up being an IRA member, seeking revenge after his father is killed in Belfast in the crossfire between the British and the IRA."  I can see how Doug relates. 

Some of the Dillon book titles include On Dangerous Ground, Edge of Danger, Without Mercy and The Killing Ground.  Apt.

I'm sure Doug just blanked on including TNIAAM on his bookmarks list.  Almost positive.

And of course, what kind of wheels does a man like Doug drive?  I imagine he rides two Harleys soldered together, one for each leg, while just straddles in between them.  With thighs like those, only the open road will suffice.  Then again...

What I Drive: Honda Odyssey Mini-Van.

Before you judge, I'll have you know the Odyssey is known as the Honda LaGreat in Japan.  Why they wouldn't use that name here is beyond me.