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Balls. Blogged.

Unless you were one of the cool kids, and from what I've seen of're not, you missed out on the Blogs With Balls Conference this past weekend in NYC.  The event was a veritable "who's seriously who are these people?" of talented sports bloggers and folks invested in the world of sports blogging. 

Reaction from attendees has been extremely positive and even some very special guests had pleasant things to say about the conference and the sports bloggers involved.  As you might imagine, Raul Ibanez was a no-show. GoGameFace has a recap of the event, Sox and Dawgs goes into more detail, MGoBlog said though things got off to a rough start they picked up as the day went on and even ESPN mentioned the event this morning on their Blog Buzz segment...I think:

What's that about?  She couldn't get past that bullet point fast enough.  Did ESPN consider the name of the conference to be too innuendo-y for their liking? Or maybe they're just bummed Chris Berman didn't get to host a panel.

Excellent news for Best Coasters like myself, the next conference will be held in Las Vegas in October.  Not that you ever need an excuse to go to Vegas, but, that's a pretty good one to me.