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No Word On When Doug Marrone Will Visit Temple Beth Sholom

For Doug Marrone, this season is all about reaching out to the Syracuse football fans who jumped ship during the Greg Robinson Era and bringing them back into the flock.  He's reaching out to the disenfranchised.  He's speaking with the disillusioned.  He's making a pact with the disappointed.  And while it's important for Marrone to make sure you and I are letting SU back into our good graces, there's no one more important to win back than God himself.

God, who canceled his season tickets (Section 104, Row C, Seats 12 & 13) back in 2007, is going to be a key contributor and benefactor for the program moving forward.  Marrone is doing his best to reassure the unmoved mover that whether it's Ryan Nassib or Greg Paulus at the helm, SU will make strides this season and look towards an improved future.  Marrone's first step in this process...going to church.

First-year Syracuse head football coach Doug Marrone will meet Orange football fans on Saturday, June 13 at the Holy Family Church at 1:00 p.m. Marrone will participate in a Q & A and sign autographs during the pizza party. Doors open at 12:45 p.m.

Holy Family is so psyched they're promoting the event alongside the Fishing Derby that takes place the following day (after mass, naturally).

It's a good first step but it's only a first step.  Now is the time to cover your bases, Dougles.  You're all set with Jesus now, but what about Yahweh?  It's never too late to have a Bar Mitzvah and become a man.  It worked for Otto.  And while you're at it, I'm pretty sure you could bang out a pilgrimage to Mecca during one of the bye weeks. Probably want to leave the Dinosaur BBQ pork ribs at home for that one...