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Jim Boeheim & Victoria's Secret, Together At Last

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su undies
su undies

I'm a little late on this one but I wanted to make sure you knew that the next time you want to spice things up in the bedroom (as much as it pains me to think of you in the bedroom), you can do so with the help of Syracuse University.  Cause God knows nothing gets a girl more hot and bothered than the legend of #44.

Syracuse is finally one of the schools represented in the Victoria Secret Pink line, which includes such nationally well-known college brands as Florida A&M, North Carolina A&T and Southern.  Yes...the SWAC has more national pull than the Big East apparently.  In fact, there were no Big East teams in the original go-round but it looks like they're all involved with this new roll-out. 

Quick question...why is the Block S blue on their site?  Everyone else gets their logo exactly how it should be.  Not us.  No respect, I tells ya.  Not even in the world of lace panties.

Sadly (or perhaps for the best), this college line isn't actually for the spicier moments in life. You won't find a Syracuse-themed teddy or thigh-highs with Doug Marrone's smiling face on them (which gives me an idea...).  This is more of a comfy clothes line.  You know, what your girlfriend or wife puts on AFTER you've disappointed her in bed yet again...not before.

You'll be able to buy the Cuse-themed clothes as of June 22nd online and June 20th in stores.  So the good news is, next time someone catches you creeping around Victoria's Secret stroking all the silk chemises, just tell them you thought it was a Syracuse one.  No harm, no foul.