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Get To Know Your Orange Man - #94 Bud Tribbey

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get to know
get to know

Player: Tomoneol Dupriest "Bud" Tribbey

Number: #94

Position: Defensive Tackle

Year: Junior

Height: 6'0"


Hometown: Richmond, VA

High School: Varina High School

Major: Economics

2007 Results: Bud played in every game his freshman season and recorded 17 tackles.

2008 Results: Again, Bud played in every game and recorded 13 tackles on the year.

2009 Projections: Bud is currently 2nd of the nose tackle depth chart after Arthur Jones.  Given that Jones is still recovering from his injury, Tribbey should see some decent playing throughout the season.

How'd He Get Here: Bud was quite the high school ballplayer. Named to the all-state and all-conference first teams, he recorded 74 tackles, including 46 solo stops, seven sacks for 57 yards, six tackles for loss and one fumble recovery during his senior season.  He visited SU and Virginia Tech, and received offers from both schools as well as NC State and Temple.  It was quite an ordeal for Tribbey, who was said to have initially committed to SU and then backed off, but eventually he did commit to the Orange.

What did Scout/Rivals Say?:Rivals rated Tribbey as a three-star recruit.  They also said he was the 50th-best defensive tackle and the 26th-best prospect in Virginia that year.  Scout was a little more muted on Bud, rating him a two-star player.

Money Quote: "Sometimes I don't answer the phone," Tribbey said. "I just say, 'Forget it, I need some sleep!", Bud, discussing the perils of being recruited.

Links Of Wonder: This note from last year's FanFest showcases Tribbey's sense of humor and playfulness.  Seems like a fun guy. NH.

Defensive tackle Bud Tribbey has more fun than any player on the team. After running over an offensive lineman during a pass rush drill, Tribbey stood and saluted the other offensive linemen watching the play in the end zone. And after cornerback Da'Mon Merkerson intercepted a pass (in which he held off Bruce Wiliams), Tribbey and Merkerson did one of those flying body bumps.

What Does Marrone Think?: No specific quotes though when he yelled "Are you (kidding) me?" to the offensive line after Tribbey busted through and sacked the QB in the spring game, it was a roundabout compliment towards Bud.

Interesting Nugget O'Interest:Did I mention his real name is Tomoneol Dupriest Tribbey?  That's awesome.

Let Me Get a Good Look At You: Watch Bud and the rest of the Orange knock skulls in the Oklahoma Drill (Bud talks about the drill at the 3:30 mark)


How About A Video Of Bud Doing A Choreographed Dance In The Locker Room With Mirror Effects?:

Photo: AP