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New Jones Brothers Album Drops September 5th

SYRACUSE, NY (Hip Hop Newswire) - Arthur & Chandler Jones, together again for the first time.

The hottest star in the Syracuse football and hip-hop scene, Arthur Jones, has officially announced that he has formed a duo with his brother, rising star Chandler Jones.  Known as The Jones (pronounced Jo-nez) Brothers, the two will release the album Love Is A 4-3 Defensive Scheme (D-Gross Records) on September 5th to coincide with the start of their Five City "Man-to-Woman Defense" World Tour. 


Anticipation for Love Is A 4-3 Defensive Scheme has been building since last two years ago when Chandler first announced he would be joining his brother at Syracuse.  Excitement reached a fever pitch when Arthur decided to forgo a sure-thing career as a hip-hop impresario by returning to SU for one more season and the chance to play on the same defensive line as his younger brother.

With the announcement of the release date for Love Is A 4-3 Defensive Scheme also comes confirmation of something that had been rumored in recent weeks: The Jones Brothers will be embarking on a world tour this fall.  Beginning in Syracuse, NY on September 5th, the tour will make stops in Happy Valley, PA, Syracuse, Syracuse, Syracuse, Syracuse, Syracuse, Syracuse, Pittsburgh, PA, Louisville, KY, Syracuse and Storrs, CT .

The CD features 11 songs, some of which showcase the hottest and illest hip-hop acts in the Syracuse football lockerroom.

1. (Girl) You're My Girl, Girl.

2. Straight Marronin', Feat. Doug Marrone

3. Love Is A 4-3 Defensive Scheme

4. 2nite U N I R 1, Feat. Ryan Nassib

5. Dey Call Me Mista Jones (Me Too)

6. I Wanna Sack You, Girl.

7. On Da Field (We Gun'a Make Luv)

8. Playin' Docta, Feat. DOCTOR Daryl Gross & The DOCTOR Daryl Gross Experience

9. Your Heart's In Prevent, Girl

10. Call Us Da Tampa 2 Cuz We Takin' You Down South

11. Shoot The Gap (Get It?), Feat. Jared Kimmel

Bonus Track: Cover of Three Times One Minus One's "Ewww, Girl. Ewww."