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Jonny Takes Manhattan

MSG Photos
MSG Photos

Look at that punum.  Is that a guy excited to be wearing a New York Knicks' practice jersey?  You bet your sweet bottom it is.

Jonny worked out for his favorite team, the Knicks, yesterday along with Ty Lawson.  If the Knicks decide to go point guard (or appease LeBron James), Flynn will likely still be there at the #8 spot. Word on the street is the Lawson's stock is dropping and Flynn's is rising, so here was a perfect opportunity to match-up on the hardwood.  Word is also that Stephen Curry could go to Minnesota with the sixth pick so the Knicks will have to choose between the two.

After the practice, Flynn sang the praises of the New York organization, which is cute considering the kind of BS you have to spout in order to make the Knicks sound appealing:

"I think I can be a good piece to the puzzle. I don’t think they have a hole in their team. You look at Nate Robinson and Chris Duhon, two great players with two great seasons they had, I don’t think there is a hole at the point guard spot but I can be that point guard that can distribute the ball as well as get his own shot."

Of course, working out for the team that calls MSG home means answering a lot of questions about the EPIC game that put him on the map in the first place.

"It’s been different," he admits. "I remember going out in New York the next day and people were knowing me in New York City. The Big Apple, a huge city, and people know little old Jonny Flynn. It really did a lot to me towards my NBA draft stock and people just finding out who I am. That game really put it in my mind that I maybe could leave college."

Awww..little old Jonny Flynn.  I could pinch you!  One local writer thinks Flynn could be passed over as there are more pressing needs for the team, though he does compare Jonny to Tim Hardaway.  Hopefully he means in the "killer-crossover" way and not the "I hate gay people" way.

But what of Paul Harris and Eric Devendorf?  Both are considered fringe 2nd round picks, moreso Harris.  We know Devo worked out for the T-Wolves last week but now it looks like Minnesota has a Syracuse complex.  They brought in Harris for their 2nd day of pre-draft workouts and the muscle-y one impressed:

Paul Harris was the most physically impressive player out of the morning session crew. If Harris can make the adjustment to shooting guard, he could be a lockdown defender off the bench for Minnesota.

And just think of all the time Paul will have confined to his apartment in snowy Minneapolis to make hip-hop dub videos?  I like it.