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'Courage Day' Is Only Four Months Away

Calendars.  Mark them.

Chances are, you received an e-mail from Syracuse Athletics yesterday asking you kindly to round up 34 of your friends and buy some group tickets to SU football.  More importantly, nestled in the post on their site, we learned officially that some of our favorite themed days are returning as well.  Behold!!!

September 26, Maine - Youth and Senior Citizen Day

October 3rd, USF - Homecoming Weekend 

October 10, West Virginia - Courage Day

October 24th, Akron - Family Weekend

October 31st, Cincy - Fan Appreciation Day

November 21st, Rutgers - Celebrate New York Day.

Couple thoughts...

  • Where the f*** is Patriotic Day?!?!  That's it, huh?  Gone?  We don't care anymore?  There you have it...Syracuse University hates America, consider it a fact.
  • Savvy move by SU to make the Maine game Youth and Senior Citizen Day.  Let's face it, there's a good chance that no one between the ages of 19 and 64 is showing up anyway.
  • Funny thing is, last year's Youth & Senior Citizen Day was the Northeastern game. Clearly, SU hates youths and senior citizens.
  • Courage Day!  As in, do you have the courage to attend AlmostFest and weed your way through whatever Styx cover band shows up this year in order to watch SU play?
  • The release says "all Orange fans will be recognized as part of Fan Appreciation Day."  Every day I look in my mailbox for my Fan Appreciation Prize...nothing.  Finally, I shall be rewarded.  Or recognized.  Whatever that means.
  • There's something sublime about having Celebrate New York Day (?) against Rutgers.  It's got to be a not-so-subtle jab, right?  We should have a woman dressed up like the Statue of Liberty take a dump on the New Jersey state flag or something.  Right?  I dunno, I'm just spitballin' here... (I know, I know, it's physically impossible to crap on an American flag.  It's fact.)