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Doug Marrone Asks Doug Marrone To Leave Program, Citing Inexperience

Linda Morgan / Staff Photographer Doug Marrone throws out the first pitch at PNC Field.
Linda Morgan / Staff Photographer Doug Marrone throws out the first pitch at PNC Field.

SYRACUSE, NY - The turnover on the Syracuse University football roster continues, although this time in the one place it was not expected. Head coach Doug Marrone recently informed himself that he is no longer a part of the team.

Marrone was not on scholarship, though he was expected to have a significant impact on the upcoming season.

Head coach Doug Marrone said through a team spokesman that he had no comment about head coaches no longer on the team.  When reached for comment, Doug Marrone expressed disappointment but excitement towards the future:

"I'm thankful for the opportunity to attempt coaching for Syracuse," said the self-ousted coach. "At the end of the day it came down to experience and I just sat down with myself and said you know don't have any." 

"I told me that I think I can win games here.  Then I said to me that the difference between me and Pete Carroll or Urban Meyer is that you have to win 11 games a year in college. You’re not going to be able to win 11 games a year here.  You can either win three of four games or you can go somewhere where you can have a better opportunity," Marrone said that Marrone said.

Marrone is considering transfering to a 1-AA school where he can coach immediately. 

"I spoke with a bunch of the guys who transferred to Hampton and it sounds like a great place for me to start-over.  It's a chance for me to hit the sidelines coaching.  I was on the phone for hours talking to David Legree and Matt Reid, we talked about how unfair Coach Marrone is and what a jerk he is.  I felt like I was among friends."

Head Coach Marrone made no secret his displeasure with himself over spring practice. After the semester, he spoke with various coaches about replacing himself.  That search is now ongoing.

Marrone was a potential starter for the SU coaching staff. Since December he had spent countless hours redecorating the head coach's office, painting over everything and anything his predecessor, Greg Robinson, had affixed to the walls and trimming the active roster. 

"I don't agree with myself about myself," Marrone contemplated.  "And to be quite honest, I'm not half the man I am.  I look forward to the opportunity to walk the sidelines across from myself one day and kick my ass."