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Whitewashing The Greg Robinson Era Away

Believe me, there is no doubt that Doug Marrone stays up until 3am trying to piece together exactly what happened during the previous four seasons.  He watched the game-tape, reads the interview transcripts, attempts to decipher the press conferences and yet...there doesn't seem to be any kind of semblance of reason or facts that explains the Greg Robinson Era. 

In the absence of understanding, it's best to just completely erase this bygone time from the mind and proceed as if it never was.  Case in point, this nugget from Donnie Webb today:

Head coach Doug Marrone's last press conference to discuss the signing of Paulus was held in the football team's auditorium inside Manley Field House. Couldn't help but notice that the big orange letters that said "Orange Pride" on the side walls had been painted over to a blank white. That phrase was coined by former coach Greg Robinson and included a team cheer, which has also probably bitten the dust.

After the jump, a few more GRE traditions that are being painted over, so to speak...

All-U-Can-Eat Taco Tuesday after practice.

Postgame "2-4-6-8-Who-Do-We-Appreciate" cheer for the opposing team.

Every member of the team must write a three-page book report  or create a diorama of their favorite scene from The Little Engine That Could.

Hand-holding, walking team entrance onto field in order to strike compassion into the hearts of opponents.

Not keeping track of stats and scores, as doing such things promotes an ultra-competitive atmosphere.

Previous administration's policy that encourages players on the team to own and operate their own tobacco-smoking shops near campus during the season and be photographed in the school newspaper smoking from a pipe. 

Losing a lot.