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Washington D.C. SU Alums, Your Time Has Come

SU alum Lisa Mara
SU alum Lisa Mara

Washington DC-Area Syracuse alumni...HEED MY CALL!

Never before has a situation been this dire, this urgent, this necessary.

The Washington Wizards are whittling down their roster.  No, not that one.  The 2009-10 Wizard Girls roster.  It's come down to two final competitors.  One of an SU Alum.

Meet Lisa Mara, Class of '08.  Recently the director of Danceworks at SU, she's now followed her dreams to the nation's capitol where she wants a change to help root on Etan Thomas and the rest of the Wizards.  She can't do it alone though, she needs your help.  You can do just that by filling out your information here and voting for her

Apparently you have to live within 75 miles of the Verizon Center in order to be eligible (though I suppose you can play it fast and loose with the zip code if you like...).  Getting hounded by the Wizard's season ticket sales rep is a small price to pay for knowing that Syracuse is prominently involved with the Wizard Girls.

Now if you're one of those sticklers who needs to know for sure that Lisa is the real deal, then make sure you watch that video in the lower right corner before voting.  Lisa shows off some moves and confirms what you already're voting for her.

Make it happen, people.

Photo: Facebook