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Greg Paulus Is A Pioneer

No one, I repeat no one, does awkward photos and catchy headlines like the New York Daily News.  You might remember being introduced to a very sweaty Doug Marrone and the fireball that is Syracuse football.  Well now I give you a piece called Awkward Greg Paulus on Brick:


Confident.  Determined.  Tilted.

Rich Cimini is back and he's breaking down the entire Greg Paulus Saga to find out exactly how it all went down.  Couple interesting tidbits:

  • He's believed to be the first to take advantage of this five-year, multi-sport loophole at two different Division I schools.
  • When Greg arrived in Syracuse to visit the campus, he saw himself on TV.  Playing football.  Huh?  Turns out that all-day marathon of his high school football games was on at that moment.
  • The Packers were the ones who reached out Paulus, inviting him to try out.  Nothing happened but the spark to play football was then officially back. 
  • He's got quite a few detractors, including analyst Tim Hasselback ("I'd be blown away [if he became effective.]"), former Cowboys personnel director Gil Brandt ("Virtually impossible") and an anonymous NFL general manager ("A thousand-to-1shot.")
  • Greg does have a supporter in Saints' QB Drew Brees - ""I really respect what he's trying to do...Part of me wishes it's something I would've done. It's not going to be easy, but I told Greg, 'Be confident. You haven't lost it. It's in there.'"

H/T: Doug