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Gerry McNamara: Part II

GreeceBakersfield.  Philadelphia.  Reno. Utah.  Latvia

Gerry McNamara is a little like Anthony Bourdain.  They both travel the world in search of great things.  They're both tall and lanky.  And they both cook in the French style.  Okay I don't actually know how, and if, Gerry cooks his food.  But when I think of GMac, I think haute cuisine.   Maybe it's just me.

At 26, Gerry McNamara is still a young man.  But after so many stops and starts in professional basketball, the window on a professional career is closing fast.  Gerry's was thisclose to make the Utah Jazz roster this past season but his recent turn with the NBDL's Reno Bighorns didn't yield NBA-calibur results. It sure seems that if he wanted to he could have a fine career overseas but I get the feeling Gerry's tried that and it didn't stick.  He wants to be in America doing what he loves. 

So if he can't do it on a pro level, perhaps he can do the next best thing. Start teaching others how to do it.

The Gerry McNamara Basketball Camp is coming to Syracuse.  If I were you, I'd book room now.

McNamara will host two weekend basketball camps in Syracuse this June and the former Syracuse University star plans on being there.

"I wouldn't do it if I didn't enjoy it or if I wasn't going to be there," McNamara said. "I've done camps the last few years in Scranton. This is the first year I'm going to be in Syracuse. I'm definitely excited about it. It's always fun for me and I'm sure the kids will get something out of it as well."

Sorry, older Cuse fans.  This one's only eligible for 2nd through 8th graders.  You'll just have to keep your dreams of playing alongside Gerry capped for now.  

Gerry also does a camp in Scranton and continues to do so.  While this might not be the end just yet for Gerry's playing days, it is a signal that he's beginning to see the 2nd phase of his career...working his Syracuse connection for it's worth.  Gerry McNamara might be slightly more well-known than me in Los Angeles, but in Syracuse, he's a living legend.  There's no reason there shouldn't be a GMAC Camp there every year.  And depending on how he wants his career to go, there's any number of options possibly available to him now:

1. Keep playing, but try to play as nearby as possible.  If I thought that new ABA team had a leg to stand on, I'd say they should make Gerry a Godfather offer (whatever that amounts to in ABA-terms) and have him be the face of the franchise it's inaugural year.  Of course, Gerry would probably only do this if he was 100% sure he's not going to play NBA or pro ball elsewhere.  It's less a career-making move and more a publicity tour.

2. Take that Broadcasting course at SU and get in the booth.  GMac doing some commentary on SU games?  Sure!

3. Join the coaching ranks.  Gerry has future coach written all over him and perhaps these camps are a first step in that.  You don't think Jimmy would love to have McNamara on the staff to teach Brandon Triche a thing or two?

Who knows, maybe Gerry will be back in abn NBDL uniform come autumn but something tells me it's not too likely.  I'd expect to starting seeing more of Gerry around the Syracuse area moving forward.  Nothing wrong with that.