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Syracuse Football Player Burgles. Not Very Well.

First thought.  YES, we're going to get some point in the Fulmer Cup standings!  Probably not enough to get us on the big board, but it's a start.

Second thought.  It was Mikhail Marinovich, wasn't it?  It was, right?  RIGHT?  (No, it wasn't).


Jim O'Hara from the Post-Standard, spread the news:

Chris A. Basile, 22, of 351 Winding Ridge Road, was charged with a felony count of second-degree burglary and misdemeanor petit larceny.

He is accused of breaking into the Winding Ridge Road apartment of David Young Choi about 5:30 a.m. Thursday and stealing a 32-inch television, two laptop computers, an XBOX 360 game set, a backpack and some cash.

A backpack!?!?  DAMN YOU!

Basile is a walk-on, or should I say WAS a walk-on for the Orange.  Not sure if he even was on the roster before today but he's certainly not there now.  Good thing Doug Marrone has a policy of not discussing former players cause he's REALLY not going to want to discuss this one.

Basile was a defensive end on last year's team.  He had previously played at Hudson Valley Community College before walking on with SU.  Oh, and he wore #69.  Do with that as you please.

Update:  From the You've Got To Be S**tting Me Department, this is the second time Basile has been arrested for burglary.  Clearly, someone forgot to do their due diligence.