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Before There Were Dome Dogs, There Were Archbold Dogs

At least I'm assuming.  I know next to nothing about the concession stand history of Archbold Stadium.

But perhaps that will change after I see Archbold Stadium, The Story of '78, a new documentary by SU students Gordon Brookes and Erick Ferris.

For their semester-long film project, SU seniors Gordon Brookes and grad. student Erick Ferris have put together "Archbold Stadium, The Story of '78," a documentary chronicling the Orangemen's final season at the old stadium.

Gordon and Erick drove more than 2,500 miles to interview Tom Coughlin (Giants Stadium), Art Monk (Virginia), Bill Hurley/Craig Wolfley (Pittsburgh), Joe Morris (NJ), Dave Jacobs and Floyd Little.

I never really stopped to think about it but that's such a great idea.  I imagine it must have felt like Syracuse was losing a huge part of its identity when Archbold was torn down.  Think about all the amazing players and performances that took place inside that bowl between 1907 and 1978...Ernie, Jim, Floyd, Scwartzwalder, Csonka, Sidat-Singh, Hansen...the list goes on and on.  SU went 265-112-20 inside those walls, probably a good idea to know about it.

If you're on or around campus, the film will be showing at 7:30pm tonight in Shemin Auditorium in the Shaffer Art Building.  Admission is free.  For the rest of us, hopefully there's a chance to see it soon.

Courtesy of The Orange Segment