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PaulusWatch: Day Sixteen

Another day of no updates, so it's all about the speculation...

Brian Christopherson over at HuskerExtra reached out to Duke to get an update and they basically reitterated what Joe Casamento is already saying.  Greg's focused on graduation this weekend and then he'll make his decision sometime in the two weeks.

Paulus seems to have inspired a whole round of college hoopsters trying their hand at football ( or maybe we just never noticed it before).  Providence's Geoff McDermott is considering transferring to Boston College (loyalty schmoyalty) to swap sports.  Apparently BC doesn't know anything about this, so that might be a good first step.

The Golden Gophers might want to keep an eye on PaulusWatch.  If he decides to come to SU, he might be the first quarterback they line up against in September.

Finally, an opinion piece out of Duke University's newspaper that sums up how the ladyfolk in Durham feel about Greggy:

I have a crush on Greg Paulus.

Poor guy, it's not like he did anything to deserve this. I mean, other than being on the basketball team and being really nice and really cute... sigh.

But seriously, this is not a shocking statement. I do not have to be a rocket scientist or a bio major to tell you what you already know-that most of the Duke female population has a little *NSYNC-like crush on Greg Paulus.

Not sure if anyone's polled the Syracuse female student population for their "hot or not" thoughts on Paulus, but I'm sure the DO is working on something.