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Wrapping Up The SOBs

Well there you have it folks.  Another year, another collection of made-up awards that aren't actually awards.  Just in case you missed them, here's all the Syracuse Orange Blogger Award winners:

Best Syracuse-Related Video - Paul Harris' Rap

Best Senior - Kristof!

Biggest Villain/Nemesis - HasheemThabeet / Jim Calhoun

Best Freshman - Kris Joseph

Best Boeheim Quote of the Season - "Paul, which one? At one point you missed four in a row."

Best Sophomore - Jonny Flynn

Worst Moment of the Season - Finding out Jonny Flynn was signing with an agent.

Best Game of the Year - Syracuse beats UConn in 6OTs

Most Surprising Player -Slick Rick Jackson

Best Junior -Eric Devendorf

Worst Game of the Season -Oklahoma in the Sweet Sixteen

Best Non-Boeheim Quote - "Eric Devendorf smells deuces" - Doris Burke

Favorite Moment of the Season -Winning the 6 OT game over UConn

Best Photo -Tie (Devo & Jonny embrace/Devo preening)

Most Valuable Player - Jonny Flynn

Huge thanks to the many Syracuse blog out there who took part.  I truly believe Syracuse has the best collection of bloggers of all the Big East teams and is among the best in the nation.  You keep laughing at fart jokes, we'll keep writing them.