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PaulusWatch: Day Fifteen

PaulusWatch continues to be a speculationfest as no news is...good news?

Joe Casamento contunies to be the conduit through which all Greg Paulus news flows.  He tells NU radio show Sports Nightly that a decision is imminent, but not as imminent as some might wish.  We want it immininter. And the imminent decision will only be between Nebraska and Syracuse at this point.  All other rumored suitors are out of the equation.

“Those are the only two that I’m aware of,” Casamento said tonight on Sports Nightly, the radio program of the Husker Sports Network, "but I may not be aware of everything."

Of course, not everyone in Huskerland is excited about the opportunity.  Husker Gameday posted a piece yesterday about how Paulus is not needed nor wanted in the land of Lincoln.

The recruitment of Paulus is a little embarrassing for the Nebraska Program. 

It makes the Cornhuskers look weak and insecure about their depth at QB. Voters, prognosticators, and pundits will openly wonder why the Huskers are taking a look at a long-shot like Paulus.

The post goes on to say this could even end up damaging Nebraska's bid to enter the preseason Top 25.  Um...I guess.  I'd link to all of the media reports that Nebraska looks weak and insecure about it's quarterback depth...if I could find any. 

Truth is, Greg would be a project for the Huskers.  He's probably not going to unseat your starter but if he's even somewhat as good as he was back in high school, he's a worthy addition to any college depth chart.  And if he ends up sucking, no harm.  SU has much more to gain/lose by inserting Paulus as their QB.