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The 2009 SOBs - Day One

Day One is done for the Syracuse Orange Blogger awards.  In case you missed them...

Best Syracuse-Related Video - Paul Harris' Rap

Best Senior - Kristof!

Biggest Villain/Nemesis - HasheemThabeet / Jim Calhoun

Best Freshman - Kris Joseph

Best Boeheim Quote of the Season - "Paul, which one? At one point you missed four in a row."

Best Sophomore - Jonny Flynn

Worst Moment of the Season - Finding out Jonny Flynn was signing with an agent.

Best Game of the Year - Syracuse beats UConn in 6OTs

Tomorrow morning we'll start handing out the remainder of the awards.  Check out the schedule below and report for duty accordingly.


Time Award Blog
10:00am Most Surprising Player Superman Wears Rob Long Underoos (Ray)
11:00am Besy Junior The Orange Fizz
12:00pm Worst Game of the Season CuseOrange
1:00pm Best Non-Boeheim Quote The Sport Hump
2:00pm Favorite Moment of the Season Orange44
3:00pm Best Photo Three Idiots on Sports
4:00pm Most Valuable Player TNIAAM