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Jerry's Carpet Gives Good Commercial

Earlier today I posted a commercial from 1987 from Jerry's Carpet in Syracuse that featured two of the creepiest, bobbingest Syracuse football players I have ever seen.  If only I had known how far down the rabbit holes goes...

I now present for your consideration a 2nd Jerry's Carpet commercial from the 80's.  You'll find it 0:55 mark of this video.  Thankfully, the heroine from the original commercial lives to fight another day.  Sadly, she does so against one of the saddest knock-off Ottos I've ever seen:

Why is Otto wearing Angus Young's schoolboy hat?  Easy on the high-fives back there guys.  You're gonna strain something.  And who are you even looking at up in the rafters???

Sadly it doesn't seem like Jerry's Carpet had moved on with the time.  No website.  No YouTube channel.   No SEO web strategy.  Only these relics left to disturb generations for years to come.  As well as remind us about the great deals on DuPont certified Stainmaster carpet.