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  • SU is #1 in the final Nike/IL Lacrosse
  • The Siena Saints aren't going to lay down for SU in the NCAA
  • Numbers don't begin to tell the story of Matt Abbott...Dave Rahme
  • Syracuse football will benefit from "voluntary workouts" over the summer...Brian Bennett
  • Doug Marrone is feeling good abour Arthur and Chandler
  • Another opinion puts Jonny Flynn among the top 10 draft prospects...Andy Katz (H/T: Jeff)
  • Dave Bing is in for a bit of a challenge as mayor of
  • Ryan Powell will be looking for a new employer, the Portland Lumberjax are
  • So this is what a Boston College education gets you...Deadspin

Seriously, #67 is freaking me out in the end of this.  Stop gyrating with a blank look on your face near that woman's crotch!