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PaulusWatch: Day Fourteen

Another day, another lack of notable happenings in the Greg Paulus discussion.  Greg is likely going to wait until after graduation this weekend to make an announcement so unless someone slips up (I'm looking at you, Casamento), don't expect too much until then.

Doug Marrone was asked, and avoided, the questions about Paulus last night.

While we wait on the word from Greg, the former high school two-sport star has inspired ESPN Rise to come up with their list of the best two-sports athletes entering college now.

Damon over at The Orange Fizz breaks down Paulus-Gate on his podcast with WAER's Mike Couzens & Ted Conroy.

Finally, I leave it to the Sports Pickle for a very humorous article entitled "Steve Wojciechowski and Chris Collins to Battle for Michigan QB Job."

“The fact of the matter is that we didn’t pass on Greg Paulus,” said Rodriguez. “He passed on us. He felt Syracuse was a better football program at this time. So I’m left to pretty much scrape the bottom of the barrel at this point. I figured Wojciechowski and Collins would be pretty much the next best thing to Greg Paulus. Unfortunately, my secretary never found a working number for Bobby Hurley."

Yeah, Bobby Hurley.  Where IS he?