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The SOB - Best Syracuse Basketball-Related Video


And so begins the SOBs.  You can find today and tomorrow's full schedule here.  Be sure to check in with all of the SU blogs listed so you're up on all the winners.  That'll make you cool.  That'll show'm.

First up, we're handing out the award for the Best Syracuse Basketball Related Video of the season.  So many options to choose from.  So many great visual representations of what this year was about.

One great collection of videos that might have won if it were any other year was Hoya Suxa's Thompson/Boeheim Conversations series.  No explanation is ever given as to why John the III and Jimmy B are on opposite sides of the court yelling at each other, but none is necessary.  We're too busy spit-laughing to worry about it. Two videos from the series were nominated but we'll feature this one, which Brian from Orange44 chose:  I have to tip my had to my former partner Matt Glaude, proprietor of Hoya Suxa.  He creative genius is only matched by his hatred of Georgetown. 


Equally mesmerizing was the Rick Jackson Fart Reaction video.  It let us inside the locker room in a way we never were before, and maybe now we realize why.  As Alex O from SWRLU says, the clip had everything. "Mystery, comedy, bodily emissions... that video had it all.  I'm still dying to know who it was.  Someone get Donna on the line!"  Sadly, we may never know who dealt it.  1:55 is your place to start watching.

NCAA: Donna Ditota interviews K.O. and Jackson

But what about what was happening on the court?  Surely there were some memorable moments there.  One came to mind for two voters.  Jonny Flynn's posterization of Mike Rosario.  Poor Mike, this is what we'll always remember him for.


It was a great year for SU commentary, blogging and vlogging (do the kids still say that?) and one vlogger that stood out among the pack was Kenny Haas, host of Kenny's 2 Pennies.  Kenny's show was a no holds barred juggernaut of emotion and tell-it-like-it-is-ism.  Plus, he got a nice sponsorship out of it by the end of the season, so that's nice too.  Kenny received a vote from Glaude at HoyaSuxa, who says "He is my Muhammed in a 30 year old Syracuse hat."   Amen, brother.

On a slightly serious note (we can do that?), Jameson voted for this profile piece on Eric Devendorf.  It lets us in to actually get to know the man behind the madness and, for a brief while, we could see beyond the bravado:

But at the end of the day, the winner was very clear.  And how could it possibly have been anything but the Paul Harris Rap video.  It came to us seemingly out of nowhere and no explanation was ever given.  Or needed.  When we think of Paul Harris, we'll think of this guy.  Not the ball of nerves sitting next to Boeheim after committing his fourth personal.  We're gonna miss you Paul (assuming you really, really are gone).

Says Damon from The Orange Fizz, "There is no peer for Paul Harris lip-synching 50 Cent in front of his own life-size cardboard cut out. There will be a huge audience for that in the Turkish League."

Says Nick from Nick's 2 Cents, "It would have been easy to go with the Jonny Flynn dunk reel or SportsCenter highlight of "6OT-apalooza", but the Paul Harris rap video is just too perfect a video not to honor somehow. The fact that it pulls the curtain back a little on the enigma that is Paul Harris - and reveals a goofy college kid making a lip-synched home rap video... of a song that's at least five years old... with a random Chris Paul jersey prominently featured with a spray-painted t-shirt homage to the man who stars in the video.  It's MTV Cribs meets The Osbournes with a dash of American Idol - and I dare to stop watching it."

Ladies and gentleman, your SOB winner...Paul Harris:

Be sure to check in over at Three Idiots on Sports at 11am this morning for the next SOB presentation, Best Senior (hmmm...) and follow them through the day.