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PaulusWatch: Day Thirteen

All is quiet on the PaulusWatch front.  No news out of Nebraska.  No updates from Syracuse.  Not a peep out of Duke.  And no one has fake-flopped in front of Greg in the last 24 hours, as far as we know.  It seems like Greg is going to stay mum for the next couple days, at least until after Duke graduation on May 10th.

In the meantime, the speculation continues to run rampant.  No word on whether or not Greg "slapped the turf" in Nebraska's football stadium.  Some wonder if the Greg Paulus Experience will even work at all no matter where he goes.  But if finding a good journalism grad school is as big a factor as it seems, how can he possibly choose Nebraska over Newhouse?

Greg did get some love a few days ago at the Duke Basketball Banquet.  Here's the tribute video.  Oddly, they left the flopping out: