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Cuse Goes Cali For Corner

Last week at an event in Boston, Doug Marrone bandied about the idea of SU bringing in a new cornerback from California to compete for the starting job.  Turns out Marrone is no fibber, the Orange are expected to welcome a JUCO from SoCal into camp this August:

The Syracuse University football team is expected to welcome Derek Hines (6-foot-1, 210 pounds) to its roster sometime this week. Hines played two seasons at Santa Ana junior college, meaning he will have three years to play two when he reports to camp in August.

First off, why do have to capitalize every letter in JUCO?  Shouldn't it be JuCo?  Or is that too much like SoCo?

Second, he played two years of at JUCO and that means he has three years of eligibility left?  Th NCAA truly does make it up as they go along.

Hines received interest from UNLV, Memphis, San Jose State and Arizona, amongst others.  I'm curious to learn how the Orange spotted him and swooped in.  12 players from the Santa Ana team were previously committed to 1-A programs on signing day.

Check out some video on Hines here.  Don't worry if you can't find him at first, he's the one doing all the stuff: