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The SOBs Cometh

When the college basketball season ends, it's only a matter of time before the SOBs rear their ugly head.  No, I'm not talking about the people in charge of the BCS, I'm talking about the Syracuse Orange Blogger awards.  Yeah sure, it should technically be the SOBAs but that's not nearly as fun.  And plus I'm afraid I'd get sued for coypright infringement.

For those new to the world of Syracuse blogging, the SOBs are a celebration of everything that was great, horrible, wonderful, exciting, depressing and Boeheimy about the past Syracuse basketball season.  Take a trip down memory lane to see who won the SOBs in 2007 and 2008.

Each of the Syracuse bloggers below was presented with each category and asked to pick a winner.  The nominations were collected and calculated by TNIAAM & Waterhouse accounting firm and the results have remained sealed until now.

The categories you love, or forgot all about, are back.  So are many of the SU bloggers from years past as well as some new faces.  Starting Wednesday morning, I'll post the winner of the first award, then every hour after that another blog will post their award until we've snaked through the day.  Then we'll do it all again on Thursday until we end up back here for the MVP ceremony. 

Check out the handy dandy schedule below and get ready to take a trip down recent memory lane.


Time Award Blog
10:00am Best Syracuse Bball-Related Video TNIAAM
11:00am Best Senior Three Idiots on Sports
12:00pm Biggest Villain/Nemesis HoyaSuxa
1:00pm Best Freshman The Orange Report
2:0opm Best Boeheim Quote Jameson Fleming
3:00pm Best Sophomore Nick's 2 Cents
4:00pm Worst Moment of the Season Superman Wears Rob Long Underoos (Alex)
5:00pm Best Game of the Season Orange44



Time Award Blog
10:00am Most Surprising Player Superman Wears Rob Long Underoos (Ray)
11:00am Besy Junior The Orange Fizz
12:00pm Worst Game of the Season CuseOrange
1:00pm Best Non-Boeheim Quote The Sport Hump
2:00pm Favorite Moment of the Season Orange44
3:00pm Best Photo Three Idiots on Sports
4:00pm Most Valuable Player TNIAAM


The festivities begin Wednesday morning. Prepare your bookmarks...